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Creating armor for use in the current middle ages' Journal

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8th February 2011

armstreet12:22pm: New SCA-oriented medieval armor legs


Medieval armor: SCA-oriented armour leg harness

After number of discussions with SCA fighters and marshals we designed series of SCA -oriented armor. Overall these legs design is based on pretty well-known XIV century legs, but with some modifications which may be convenient for SCA fighters, I hope.

Legs are fully dismountable and consist of 3 pieces - knee cops with flexibility segments and short upper and bottom plates , with removable half-greaves and removable cuisses with overlapping thigh plate. Knee cops have extension plates at inner side to cover knee bones from inside. They are flat so they don't detain.

Store link: Medieval armour: SCA oriented legs armour harness with cuisses

2nd November 2010

addled_addie7:54am: ok let me ask this another way...
 I am a big girl, what kind of over the shoulder boulder holder is best underneath armour? I was thinking a simple sportsbra, but I wanted to know if that's ideal or not. Reason I am asking is that I have an armour fitting soon!
addled_addie12:08am: Ladies ...
 What is the best thing to wear under your armour?

11th December 2009

armstreet7:32pm: Khatangu degel - Mongol and Korea birgandine type armor proj
Khatangu-degel Mongol Korea medieval armour armor suit


You can look at other items related to Khatangu-degel armor project:
Deluxe version of khatangu-degel armor suit Functional medieval asia mongol combat helmet with face-mask visor Exclusive functional medieval asia mongol armor armour bracers SCA LARP armor armour gambeson long body padding for lamellar and khatagu-degel
Exclusive eastern mongol handmade leather bag with brass accents Hadmade exclusive medieval leather mongol long belt with casting accents Medieval handmade leather functional mongolian leather flask bottle

14th January 2009

ze_warudo12:17pm: Your help would be nice!
I am an amatuer armorsmith, and I have little experience to speak of. I made some pieces, but I really don't have a lot of metal experience, just some plastic and leatherworking. Well, I recently got my friends into the SCA, and it is falling upon me to start arming them. I know how I'm doing the helmets (ordering 2 or 3 of these from Ashcraftbaker, whom I support) but I wanted to know if anyone can tell me easy ways to start armoring people for about $300 or less total.

I'm thinking ABS Plastic is going to be the way I'm going. I know how to make ABS legs and breast/backplates, I know where to get elbow and knee cops, but I've never made arms or gorgets.

I suppose I'm asking: What's the best way to make armor on a super low budget?

Edit: I'd like to note that I CAN make pieces, I'm just, y'know, a bit inexperienced and it won't look pretty. I'm not looking for people to make it for me, I'm just looking for plans or something to point me in a direction that's not a generic ABS breastplate rig.

26th March 2008


10th January 2008

armstreet1:36pm: SCA armor certification outside US

Hallo! I'm Mike, ArmStreet's team leader from Ukraine.
Some of our customers are SCA fencers. I know that SCA armor regulations are another then European as well as they are different to Russian and Ukrainian regulations. I'm planning visit Pennsic this year to meet some people and sell some armor and costumes. I'm wondering do I need any official confirmation that our armor SCA legal (I know SCA requirements and some of our armor is OK in accordance to SCA requirements and some not) or I just can sell any armor that meets SCA requirements as SCA legal or not? Many thanks and sorry my poor English

13th June 2007

conejita_diabla11:39pm: Armour questions from an archer
Hola, everyone! I'm an archer from An Tir who is looking to get into combat archery, but I'm finding myself a bit lost in the world of armor. All the different types, and materials, etc...it's hard to get a good sense of what works best for different situations.

Since I'll mostly be shooting, I'm interested in stuff that won't impede my drawing or vision (well, as minimally as possible). I'm female, so that probably has to be taken into consideration, and I'd prefer something that at least slightly meshes with my time/persona (early 13th cen, Castile). That's not a huge factor at this early stage - i.e. I won't go so far as to pay lots extra until I get more into this and make sure I like it, but if it comes down to stuff in the same vague price range...

Does anyone have any good guidance for where to start? My goal is to be on the field for Quad War (an event at the beginning of August), so while I certainly enjoy doing my own research, I'd love a kick start. I'm also more interesting in buying (for reasonable prices) than making my own - this summer's a bit on the busy side, and I don't have access to good work space. (I'd also love to barter computer/web/e-commerce expertise, if anyone you know is interested).

Thank you!!

31st March 2007

wiredlace8:50pm: Micromaillers, eat your hearts out.
Found an interesting little article about chainmail made using 400 and 500 micron sized rings. I think you'd need more than a magnifying glass and a pair of tweezers, eh?
Current Mood: curious

3rd October 2006

spearweasel9:59pm: Playing with Plastic - samurai armor
Alrighty then. I have officially begun building my SCA samurai armor. I am using the "Clan Yama Kaminari" pattern. I bought a sheet of 3/16" black ABS plastic, and have started cutting into it. I got a 4' x 8' sheet for $65, and it looks like enough to make two, possibly three full suits of armor out of. ABS is a lot harder than I thought it'd be, but it will do a good job of turning an SCA shot into a painful slap.

It's pretty tough cutting this stuff with the small plastic table I have, so I am gonna look for a cheap/free grotty old wooden desk or table - something I can damage freely and without guilt. The plastic table I have is better than nothing, but it doesn't way enough to soak up vibration, so the jigsaw tends to shake the plastic, making it hard to cut a clean, straight line.

I also need to buy a heatgun so I can shape the plastic, and give it a curve. 3/16" ABS is pretty stiff stuff, and won't bend at all with the small size of component plates. I'll look like a slab-sided Gundam cosplayer if I don't put some curve into it.

When completed, the armor will look something like the CYK photos behind this cut, but my lacing will be bright green, with white-laced accents.

Yama Kaminari armorCollapse )

I love how their armor is all coordinated; I've seen the pics of them taking the field at Pennsic - it's quite a spectacle. I'd love to start an outfit like that around here.
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2nd October 2006

spearweasel5:21pm: Thickness of ABS Plastic
I am building some samurai armor using the Yama Kaminari standard pattern. I have access to sheet ABS (black, 4' x 8') for a reasonable price, but I am uncertain which thickness to use.

1/4" seems sorta thick, though it's what is recommended for barrel plastic. I suspect this to be the correct one.

3/16" looks about right, but I'm uncertain why. I think that's just because most of the leather I've worked with was about that thickness.

1/8" is plainly too thin.

I wanted to consult with the experts prior to purchasing it. I apologize if the topic has been done to death.

One final question - rough side in, or out?
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22nd September 2006

ferylripper5:06pm: i have recently aquired a new helmet which means i must part my ways with my old helm. if anyone is interested it is a spun top spangen helm the price i am asking is 80 dollars and my wife has aggreed to make period padding for it to go with the sale. it is a great beginners helmet and it has served me well. email me at barrettmorgan @ cox.net if you are interested i would post a picture of it but i dont have a digital camera...... if you live in oklahoma maybe texas perhaps we can work out and arrangement so you dont have to pay shipping

10th September 2006

armstreet5:37pm: Lamellar armor

We made lamellar armor - our favourite armor type. I quess this is most balanced type of armor, with reasonable weight, great flexability and protection. For more pictures and ebay link read more...

...moreCollapse )

23rd August 2006

diermuid7:36am: Skirt of plates - prototype
I've been working on the precursor to a fauld, seen in 14th century illuminations. The effect looks like a fauld, but is overlapping rectangular strips with a rivet in the middle of each.

Lesson learned - square plates do not butt well on a curved piece of leather. I tried making this with a bunch of pre-cut pieces, (I cut, punched, and sanded 50 plates before trying to lay them out) but making 40-50 plates ahead of time only works if you know what you're up to.

Oh well, next generation will be better. The plates will be trapezoidal, possibly overlapping on the sides. The plates will also be incrementally longer with each row, to eliminate gapping. And the leather/line will not be freehand, next time I will work with a large compass.

I must be getting more comfortable in the shop though, probably only 3-5 hours on the skirt. It took a few months of tinkering for the breastplate (first piece of plate armor) but just a few weeks for the matching backplate.

Pics!Collapse )

6th August 2006

conejita_diabla10:41pm: Hi all;

I hope this is an appropriate post - I ran it by diermuid, so I think I'm okay, but my apologies if anyone doesn't feel this belongs here.

Anyway, I run a company that specializes in web design, hosting and e-commerce. I was thinking the other day while shopping for bows that it would be cool to offer my services to the SCA community as possible barter fodder, or at discounted rates. I'm happy to help fellow SCAdians promote and sell their products (and I'm a huge fan of the barter system!) :-)

If you'd like more info, you can respond here or email me at my nick here at livejournal.com. I have a number of sample sites I can show you, for design and for both simple and fully featured e-commerce sites. We can do anything from smaller, advertising/info only type sites (for those of you that do only custom commission work), to a full e-commerce site with credit card charging and inventory if you sell any standardized equipment, or any combination in between.

I hope this doesn't come across as too commercial - I just thought if I could help some people out and help my own business at the same time, then good!

Oh, and definitely feel free to distribute this to whomever may find it interesting. Thanks!

23rd July 2006

armstreet12:32am: ArmStreet in LJ

Hallo. One of new items we made.
Happy taht we are in LJ now

6th June 2006

diermuid11:55am: Ok, not armor, but armor-ish
I was asked to create a Viking scabbard for a buddy who is holding a Viking Court at war next week. I've done a few things in leather, but mostly I've read a lot. So we browsed some living history books and I came up with the design you see here. I'm impressed, despite never having made a scabbard before, it turned out as I had envisioned it. A little darker than I wanted, but it only took four hours to make so I could pop out another one relatively quickly.
Pics!Collapse )

17th March 2006

attilia_auborne12:04pm: Hi, a well meaning non-Scadian (but definitely not mundane) friend of mine gave me a construction workers' sign for me to make armor. The problem is that the sign isn't totally made out of aluminum, it's a sheet of some sort of hard plastic, sandwiched between two really thin sheets of aluminum. The metal is too thin to be useful if I stripped off the plastic (and no way of smelting it back down (though it would be really fun)), and I'm not sure the plastic would be of any use either, so I'm going to have to use it whole. I don't have the skill yet to shape it in to plate type armor, but I think I could make several really nice shields (this stuff is incredibly lightweight but strong!). Have any of you heard of these type of signs/material or used them? Would the shields be ok to use in SCA combat?

Thanks for your help!
In Service to the Dream,


7th March 2006

julesong10:04pm: Hello! I'm new to the community, just wanted to say that I've looked over your projects and I'm mightily impressed. You guys do some great work! My husband and I live and play in An Tir. I used to fight heavy, but not so much anymore. He made some beautiful leather lamellar for combat, as well.

I need a bit of assistance, and it was suggested that I talk with SCA leatherworkers to help me out, so here I am. :) I hope you don't mind that it's not related to the SCA...

So. Here it is - if you might be able to assist and you're a fan of Firefly and/or Serenity, click this link. Thanks!
bob_basset4:01am: Leather armor
Leather Armor

Картинка 300x397, 45,83 КБCollapse )
Картинка 300x391, 46,60 КБCollapse )

Картинка 300x400, 64,32 КБCollapse )
Картинка 300x400, 57,69 КБCollapse )
Картинка 400x300, 71,99 КБCollapse )

30th January 2006

bunnysteve5:54pm: Newbie thinking of making armor
How would i go about making a set of japanese, or near japanese armor.  I was thinking of doing a waxed leather method.  Cost is of course a concern.  Any suggestions or links would be very helpful!  :)

16th January 2006

ferylripper5:34pm: ISO a new helm
Im looking for suggestions on where i should get a new helm n a budget of about 400 dollars any suggestions? I would like to get a 13th century kettle hat. Any feedback would be appreciated....
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